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"Comet" Movie Review

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Disclaimer: This review will NOT contain any spoilers. Don't worry to those who have yet to see it. :)

Being a writer, I truly appreciate the effort being put on well-written scripts. It is a LOT of hard work and I love it how the writer can express himself in a way that the people can relate to it immediately. You need that attention getting remark! This movie is like that. The writer/director wrote it to be very appealing and you'll get hooked. The actors in the movie, Dell (Justin Long) and Kimberly (Emmy Rossum), gave their best performances to date. I never thought I'd say it but they delivered the story that as if it it is their own love/hate story to tell.

Too early to blog.

I haven't slept well in the past months.. A lot of things are going on in my life now that somehow my brain can't seem to process all of those things at once. It must be the stress talking or the meds I'm taking but as much as I want to, I really can't sleep.

I don't have a bad case of insomnia or I probably have been thinking a lot. What I usually do, I read my Kindle (thanks to my best friend who loaded her library of great books to mine) or I browse online looking for items to buy (which in reality I don't actually buy, I just browse, browse and browse then I wonder when can I buy such things). Then after a few hours, I usually get sleepy. 

Now, it is past five in the morning (still up although I have slept for about two hours prior) and I'm writing just about nothing. Keeping my brain busy which I should just be still sleeping. Or better yet, I could just jet off someplace and use this "can't sleep" dilemma to good use. Where to go now?


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Last night my husband and I were talking about what is happening to the world nowadays. Terrorist attacks are everywhere, bombing and senseless killings are almost always in the news around the world. As a mother, I really worry that my son is in this chaotic world. I worry about everything that could cause him harm. 

Then as I arrived in Manila today after our family holiday, my brother told me yet another shocking and heart-wrenching news about an attack in Paris. He told me that four (4) famed cartoonist from Charlie Hebdo were killed because they used the power of the pen (expressing their thoughts through any form of media, in their case, they drew cartoons that depicted Mohammed in various images.), which drew a bad attention from some of our Muslim brothers.  

It really breaks my heart that these terrorists use Islam as an excuse to hurt and kill people who they think has caused them harm. I have good friends who are Muslims and have distant relatives who are Muslims as well but they use their faith into good use. Like most Muslims, they don't agree to such terrorist attacks. 

Afternoon thoughts...

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During the not so busy times at work, we opt to eat our usual snacks or merienda or surf the net and check our social networking sites because we are those kind of people who are a FOMO (have a Fear Of Missing Out on the latest news about everything and anything under the sun) or it has just been a habit of ours.

WQ: Latest Beauty Discovery (3 of 3)

For the last part of this latest beauty discovery series, I saved the best for last because this post will benefit those who are looking for an organic alternative to your reliable deodorant and to all those ladies and gents who are looking for an excellent waterproof brow gel that you can actually swim wearing it and still have your gorgeous eyebrows after soaking in the water. 

1. Zenutrients Cooling Tea Tree Deodorant Spray Lotion

Don't panic it is organic! That is what I love about this product because it is all natural and you won't be afraid that chemicals are penetrating your sweat glands in your underarms. This unique product is great in keeping you smelling fresh all day and it also avoids sweaty underarms too.

WQ: Latest Beauty Discovery (2 of 3)

For the part two of WE's beauty discovery series, I'd like to share with you a Filipino makeup brand that is getting a lot of buzz nowadays it is called Happy Skin. You have probably heard about it through the social networking sites but haven't really tried their product because maybe you aren't familiar with it or you prefer something else. So don't worry because after this post, you'll be curious about them and you'll try them out too. :)

Having one of the most sensitive skins out there, I can tell you that Happy Skin is one of the best products I had tried in terms of affordability and efficacy. I'm all for effectiveness and value for money.  Who isn't right? 
Although I have my fair share of beauty splurges just to find the right product that would suit me. It really takes a lot of trial and error to find the brand that would do more good to your skin than to harm it.

So, I give you Happy Skin's ZZ (Zit zapper Second skin) Cream and the all-time favourite Shut Up & Kiss Me moisturising lipstick which by the way comes in a number of gorgeous colors. But I'll just be showcasing my favourite one in the bunch which is the Honeymoon Glow.

Happy Skin's ZZ Cream and Shut Up & Kiss Me Lipstick

Breastfeeding is LOVE.

Top: Uniqlo x Ines dela Fressange
Jeans: Uniqlo
Slides: Renegade Folk
Bag: Herve Chapelier
Book: Guide to Breastfeeding by Dr. Jack Newman
Last Saturday, I attended the highly anticipated Breastfeeding Seminar by L.A.T.C.H. (Lactation, Attachment, Training, Counseling, Help) a non-profit organisation that aims to help and educate mothers who want to breastfeed their child. The group invited world renowned breastfeeding expert and paediatrician - Dr. Jack Newman who talked about breastfeeding, problems encountered during breastfeeding, solutions and the practicalities of this very nurturing bond between mother and child among many others.

As you all know I'm still breastfeeding my 23months old son, L. I never thought that I could be able to breastfeed him this long. Initially, I just wanted to nurse him until he was a year old, but his paediatrician told me to continue to nurse him until he is about two years old.

Nightcap and other things..

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We all have our struggles in life. One way or another, we feel like our lives have hit rock bottom. But I have always believed that when you hit the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up!

Sometimes life takes a toll on us and we tend to complain more about it, than to appreciate what we have.  We complain about things that aren't really important. I for one is guilty of such, but as much as possible I try my very best to look at things in a different perspective. I guess I'm lucky to have people around me who understands me even though I tend not to talk about the problem much. I also have friends from overseas who are almost always ready to listen to me when there are times that I'm really fed up. Though the distance is keeping our friendship apart, I can still feel the love. I also have a husband who doesn't judge me easily for the mistakes that I do but instead he tries to see the whole picture why I acted like such or why I decided to do things differently. Probably, it must be the lawyer in him who analyses things and doesn't assumes too quickly. Hahaha

CAMOU-complicated Sunday

Top: Elin
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Birkenstock Mayari
Bag: Hervé Chapelier
It isn't that complicated as it sounds.. but I was just trying to rhyme my Camou or Camouflage bag to this post. Hahaha 

My Sunday went well because we got to hear mass early this morning then we devoured the Spanish viand prepared by my Mom for lunch..(I'm lost for words to describe how delicious it was.. #hungryhippo), then after lunch we visited my Dad at the Memorial Park for our afternoon bonding with him and had some food trip and train ride with the little man.

Night Rider

Top: Zara
Jeans: Levi's
Sandals: Renegade Folk
Bag: Mulberry (Alexa)

A quick trip to the mall tonight was our goal because we had to give in to the little man's request of riding his favorite attraction, the money-eating, will leave you almost to vomit... The Carousel. Hahaha

This very attractive horse-on-a-stick that children have come to love including my own is relentless. They can never get enough of it. Oh well..the innocence of children and their simple joys in life is really refreshing.